Displaying items by tag: Syria - New Canadian Media - New Canadian Media http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca Fri, 20 Jul 2018 21:47:37 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb White Helmets in Vancouver http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/43097-white-helmets-in-vancouver http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/43097-white-helmets-in-vancouver White Helmets members stand with SFU International representatives after the panel event. Left to right: Shaheen Nanji, Mustafa Almahamed, Maisoun Almasri, Nedal Izdden and Darren Schemmer.
By: Deanna Cheng in Vancouver, BC Sniffles came from the crowd. Even the children present knew to remain quiet. Syrian…
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Suffer the Children of Islamic State http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41934-suffer-the-children-of-islamic-state http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41934-suffer-the-children-of-islamic-state Children suffer disproportionately when exposed to death and brutality, writes Phil Gurski. Here, an Afgan boy looks on outside Kabul International Airport.
Commentary by: Phil Gurski in Ottawa If there is one searing image of the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe…
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Joining the War Train: Trump’s Liberal Cheerleaders http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41050-joining-the-war-train-trump-s-liberal-cheerleaders http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41050-joining-the-war-train-trump-s-liberal-cheerleaders Joining the War Train: Trump’s Liberal Cheerleaders
by Binoy Kampark in Melbourne At the psychological heart of every liberal is a milk soft tendency to succumb to…
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Immigration has Nothing to do with Terrorism http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40255-immigration-has-nothing-to-do-with-terrorism http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40255-immigration-has-nothing-to-do-with-terrorism U.S. President Donald Trump signing the executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.
Commentary by Phil Gurski IF there was any doubt about what a Donald Trump presidency means for the U.S. over…
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Do Returning IS fighters Deserve an Amnesty? http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/38927-do-returning-is-fighters-deserve-an-amnesty http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/38927-do-returning-is-fighters-deserve-an-amnesty Given their brutality, a Hellfire missle death may be the best outcome for Islamic State fighters, writes Phil Gurski
Commentary by Phil Gurski in Ottawa Historically, amnesties have been offered to former combatants in an attempt to stop the…
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Imagine the Stories Syrian Refugees will Tell in 25 Years http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/38741-imagine-the-stories-syrian-refugees-will-tell-in-25-years http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/38741-imagine-the-stories-syrian-refugees-will-tell-in-25-years Jorge Rodriguez from Guatemala is a charming neighbourhood personality in Montreal's Little Italy.
Book Review by Rosanna Haroutounian in Gatineau The histories of Canadians are plentiful, rich, and complex. We can never know…
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Refugees: Opportunity will Trump Tragedy http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37907-refugees-opportunity-will-trump-tragedy http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37907-refugees-opportunity-will-trump-tragedy Refugees: Opportunity will Trump Tragedy
Commentary by Steve Dooley in Surrey A Surrey forum held earlier this year on helping Syrian refugees settle in our…
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Prisoners of the Desert: Inside Jordan's Azraq Refugee Camp http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37612-prisoners-of-the-desert-inside-jordan-s-azraq-refugee-camp http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37612-prisoners-of-the-desert-inside-jordan-s-azraq-refugee-camp Syrian children flip through books in Jordan's Azraq camp.
by Janice Dickson in Ottawa Sitting cross-legged on a thin UNHCR mat covering a concrete floor and nursing her 14-month-old,…
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Disgrace to Humanity: Dallaire Decries Global Inaction on Syria http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/36482-disgrace-to-humanity-dallaire-decries-global-inaction-on-syria http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/36482-disgrace-to-humanity-dallaire-decries-global-inaction-on-syria Disgrace to Humanity: Dallaire Decries Global Inaction on Syria
OTTAWA—Anthony Lake was in a Syrian hospital a few months ago watching surgery being performed on a sniper victim, whose…
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Canada Joins International Group Seeking Peaceful Settlement in Syria http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/35936-canada-joins-international-group-seeking-peaceful-settlement-in-syria http://demo11.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/35936-canada-joins-international-group-seeking-peaceful-settlement-in-syria Canada Joins International Group Seeking Peaceful Settlement in Syria
OTTAWA—Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion says Canada has joined an international body seeking to broker an end to the Syrian…
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